February Beauty Favourites

It’s been a while. But I’m back, and would love to share my current beauty favourites with you! 
I used to associate hair mousse with that 2010-era crunchy hair style. Do you know which one I’m talking about? Teenage girls would put excessive mousse in their hair and scrunch it into stringy, solid waves that were so crunchy they looked like they might snap. I’m glad I finally gave in and used this, though. With mousse in my hand, I run my fingers through wet hair and then dry as normal. It just makes my hair look so smooth and bouncy, the finish is almost salon blow dry-like. It’s an effortless extra step before blow drying so I definitely recommend using a mousse, Percy & Reed have a few available and I'm really enjoying this one. 

The idea behind this balm is that it’s multi-purpose: it’s a cleanser, a chemical exfoliant, and also a mask if you leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off. This was one of my multi-tasking must-haves in 2019 and I still haven’t put it down. Although I now wouldn’t use it as a mask because of the fragrance content, I still love it as my morning cleanser (short contact time reduces risk of the fragrance causing irritation) and it’s one of my favourites. Whenever this is in rotation, I consistenly have ‘good skin days’. It does have some exfoliating properties but not too harsh, and I can still use this when I’m using Differin or other active ingredients at night. This is a really brilliant cleanser and those that tolerate fragrance may also find it beneficial as a mask. 

A long-time fan of Weleda Skin Food and it’s Lite counterpart, I received a skin food gift set for Christmas which included this lip balm. I’ve always used basic Skin Food as a lip balm so I was curious as to what this would be like. I really love it! It’s a thick lip balm with a lot of slip to it that is pleasant to use and feels very hydrating. I like this lip balm a lot and I’d definitelly recommend it.  

It’s true: the beauty market is saturated with celebrity skincare lines at the moment, most of which are over-hyped, over-priced replicas of products readily available on the high street, or just nonsensical products full of redundant ingredients that would be better just used as a perfume. But Honest Beauty, created by Jessica Alba, breaks that celebrity mould. Honest Beauty have some incredible products, this moisturiser included. It has a very minimal 17 item ingredient list which is free from fragrance and rich in actual moisturising ingredients like glycerin and squalane, and emollients like jojoba esters. This moisturiser has a gorgeous thick, creamy formula that melts on contact with skin which is just saving my face in this cold spell we’ve been experiencing. This is a really excellent products and it went above and beyond my expectations so definitely check this out, as well as what else Honest Beauty has to offer. 
As ever, thank you for reading! 

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