My Top Becca Picks - before they're gone forever!

Becca cosmetics announced recently that they will be closing their brand in September 2021 as a consequence of the financial toll of coronavirus. I am a big fan of Becca cosmetics so I was saddened by this announcement. But they’re not closed yet and, in anticipation that their products are likely to be heavily reduced in outlets as the year progresses, I thought I’d share my favourite Becca products that you should buy whilst you still can. 
This is a primer for you if you don’t like primers. If you’re just not into ‘layers’ of make up, Becca’s Glow Elixir is in a serum-like formula to give a subtle dewiness to the skin. The thinner formula makes it very versatile and can be mixed in with foundation to sheer it out for a fresh finish. I also think this is a nice primer to have because it’s just so pretty to look at! 
f you do love primers, this is more of a classic dimethicone based formula with smoothing and blurring in mind. But because Becca Cosmetics is all about the glow factor, unlike other popular  pore perfecting primers on the market (think Benefit, Smashbox…) this is thinner and less mattifying, so you can reduce the appearence of pores without compromising your dewy finish. 
Backlight Priming Filters 
Becca’s purple hued First Light Priming Filter has cult status at this point, and for good reason. With colour correcting properties that enhances your skin tone so you look perpetually well lit. The Backlight Priming Filter has a champagne tinted shine to prep your skin with subtle radiance without looking sweaty, just ‘fresh’. In a now very dated looking blog post, I compared the two here
This foundation has never been very popular - the reviews have always been so low! Yet it’s genuinely been one of my very favourites since it first came out. It takes such a small amount to achieve full coverage and, though I don’t opt for full coverage very regularly anymore, when I do - when I have a couple of pesky spots, for example - I always reach for this foundation because so little achieves so much! Literally a tiny little dot of foundation will cover my whole face and offer very effective full coverage. I don’t like to wear a lot of foundation these days so to be able to just use a small amount and still achieve a flawless base even when my skin is misbehaving is absolutely perfect for me. 
I raved about this concealer in this post, I’ll share a little extract:
This one is for that irritating bulbous spot (because it's definitely better to cover it with concealer and forget about it rather than start poking and prodding it and trying to pop it. Just saying.) The Ultiamte Coverage Concealing Creme is a total life saver when you've got a blemish you want to cover. It's thick, so I wouldn't recommend putting it under your eyes, it'll crease there…despite the thick consistency, this concealer blends like a dream. I also wear it alone without foundation underneath and it blends seamlessly even into 'blank' skin, so it really doesn't look like I'm wearing any make up, but I can still conceal what I want to hide. It's a very hardy concealer too, I've never known it to smudge or rub off, in fact it's held up against sweat and drunk crying (over dogs because I love them so much, just don't ask, okay?)"
So this is a ‘wet’ powder that’s 50% water and glycerin, the idea being that it’s hydrating and suited for dry skin. Admittedly, this doesn’t do much different than a regular powder - it’s definitely a gimmick - but it’s worth having just for the weird factor. It feels wet. And yet it sets your make up and looks like an other setting powder. It’s quite expensive and there’s no reason I think you should buy this over another setting powder, but if retailers start reducing prices on Becca products in order to clear stock and you can get this for a good price, I would. Just to try it. Because it’s weird. 

One of my favourite setting mists ever! But you must really love the glow to enjoy this. This isn’t a light reflective sheen, this is a glow. Not sweaty looking or oily feeling, but you definitely do not look matte. This has the oomph of an oil mist but without the oily texture so it’s a nice alternative if you still want the dewy finish without looking fresh out of the gym (a look there is definitely a time and a place for, by the way - I’m not bashing it!) 
This is what Becca cosmetics is famous for! Their Shimmering Skin Perfectors are legendary and I think they were really influential in the highlighter beauty trend around 2013ish. 
I’m not sure precisely how early Becca got onto the liquid highlighter trend - of course, they existed before, but I mean when they really came to the forefront and most brands produced them - but Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighters appeared quite early on (I believe) and are really wonderful products, so I think it’s fair to give some credit to Becca for contributing to liquid highlighter's popularity. The beauty industrys love for highlighters still hasn’t gone away, so it’s a shame to see that Becca’s famous line up bow out. I’ve included swatches of my Becca highlight stash to give you some guidance because they’re definitely worth picking up whilst you still can.  

Becca’s eyeshadows are generally very good. I’ve shared some swatches of their beautiful Ocean Jewels Eye Palette here, so you can get an idea what I’m talking about! Becca’s complexion range is glow glow glow so it’s rather ironic, I think, that something Becca does incredibly well is matte eyeshadows. Although sadly it hasn’t been available to buy for a while now (which is why I have decided not to show you swatches - that’d just be cruel) Becca’s Volcano Goddess Eyeshadow Palette is my very, very favourite eye shadow palette. The matte shadows are just outrageously soft and creamy and the shimmers are so wearable and buildable. Though you can’t buy it, there is still a listing you can view on Space NK. If you get a chance to pick up a Becca Cosmetics eyeshadow palette, then definitely do! In my experience, they're very good. 

What are your favourite Becca products? What are you going to miss the most? 

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  1. I cant' believe Becca is ceasing as a brand! I've only tried the backlight primers which I love, but I would have loved to try more! I'm going to keep an eye out for some clearance sales as I really wanted to try champagne and opal pop! xx