Sun Care Favourites

Protecting your skin from the sun is important all year round. I'm that friend that will text you mid-December to remind you to put on sunscreen! With the weather starting to warm up a bit (yay!), if you're not already diligent with sun protection, now is definitely the time to start. 

With that in mind, I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite facial sun care products with you. 

 Ultrasun Face Anti-ageing Lotion SPF 50+

This is my favourite sunscreen for my face. I've tried several others but I return to this one time and time again. It's affordable at £24 but it's nearly always on offer somewhere for £20 or less. I've probably been through 6 or 7 bottles of this now, and I think I've only ever paid full price for it once! The formula is amazing, it's light weight and comfortable - not cloying or clammy - and it doesn't have a greasy finish. But it's not matte either, the finish is very much like a moisturiser. The white cast is minimal and sheer, although it makes you look a little pale it's not an opaque, discernible difference between your face and your chest. I really love this and I would shout my recommendation from a roof top if I could!

Sun Sense Lip Balm SPF 50

It's very important to protect your lips with SPF because skin cancer is quite common around the mouth. As facial creams won't adhere very well to the skin on your lips, it's prudent to use a separate lip balm with sun protection. This is my favourite SPF lip balm I've ever tried because it has no taste! Have you ever tried a lip SPF and found that a foul chemical-ly taste creeps into your mouth? (Because believe me, I have!) But this one is completely tasteless and odourless. It also blends out completely transparent with no white cast. 

Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen 

This is a newer discovery to me. I'd been hesitant to try an SPF powder because in my head I imagined it'd be thick, white and chalky, so I was thrilled after using this Jane Iredale powder for the first time. It is quite thick but it's actually very light and doesn't feel 'cakey'. It's obviously matte because it's a powder but it's not super matte and it doesn't feel dry at all. I saw some reviews before purchasing it saying it was too dark/too orange but I am very pale and I found this was translucent and didn't have a tint at all. I use this to apply SPF over make up (it's important to top up your SPF throughout the day) or over a greasy-finish SPF if I think I look sweaty (!). I think people with oily skin who are put off by sun creams would really enjoy this! I'm so thankful I found this because I was struggling to apply SPF over make up. The only draw back really is the packaging: it comes with a built-in powder puff which I choose not to use. Puffs tend to lay product down quite heavily (I wonder if that's why some users found it too dark?) so I prefer to use a powder brush and just build up a couple of 'layers' instead. I wish Jane Iredale would get rid of the puff and spend the money on more powder instead, I would rather pay for more product than for an applicator I won't use. 

Thanks for reading - please make sure you're protecting your skin from the sun!

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