Spring Empties 2021

I don't know if people still read these, but personally I still love looking through my own empties and having a good think about what I liked and why. So if you are curious, read on! 

Pixi Retinol Jasmine Cleanser

This was one of the few product in Pixi's purple packaged Retinol line up that I really enjoyed. It has a beautifully soft cream formula that was very enjoyable to use, but it's not unique by any means, it is effectively a generic cream cleanser.  


It's not that I wouldn't - but there are so many other cleansing products that are very, very similar to this that I don't feel the need to rush out and repurchase. 

Estee Lauder Pore Purifying Cleansing Jelly

Based on the texture of this cleanser before water is added, you'd be forgiven for assuming it's one of those horribly soapy, drying, sensitising gel cleansers. But it's not. It's a true gel formula which I think those with oily skin would really appreciate, but it's not drying at all. With water, it turns into quite a watery consistency that washes off very easily. It left my skin feeling clean, but not dry in the slightest. I loved this cleanser. 


Now discontinued, sadly. But I would if I could!

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm 

I feel like this product has such an incredible reputation that it doesn't even need an introduction. It is the best cleanser for removing make up: that's it.


For as long as I'm a make up wearer, I'll repurchase.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

This is a pleasant exfoliating toner/lotion. It has a non-drying formula, is free from fragrance, and is glycolic acid based. Glycolic acid is excellent for 'surface' exfoliation to help even skin tone and I find rotating this along with a retinoid during the week is also helpful for controlling acne long-term. I bought this bottle in a twin pack so I already have a new bottle open now. It seems expensive but I find bottles of Liquid Gold last me ages, so I think it's actually quite reasonable value for money. 


I find relying solely on Differin as a night cream to control my acne is very effective so when I've used up other exfoliating products I already own, I probably won't repurchase and just have a retinoid as my only active.

The Inkey List Niacinamide 

This is a niacinamide serum and is therefore an excellent skincare product that ticks many boxes: it's excellent for redness and taming oiliness and offers hydration, too. It's what I'd call an 'all rounder'. Niacinamide is also famous for playing well with all other ingredients too, you can even layer it with a retinoid. This serum is very basic, but you don't need a fancy niacinamide serum packed with 'filler' ingredients like fragrance, so I recommend this one if you're not someone particularly arsed about luxury skincare (I'm not anymore, really.) 


I would recommend it to someone searching for a niacinamide serum, but no, I wouldn't repurchase. I'll explain below. 

Freederm Overnight Skin Repair Moisturiser 

This is a very basic fragrance free moisturiser that despite being marketed as for night time, I use day and night. The active ingredient is niacinamide, but it also has humectant (moisture preserving) ingredients like glycerin (hence why it's a moisturiser not a serum). I prefer using a niacinamide moisturiser just because it's easier and cheaper to use one product, rather than using two separate products (i.e a serum plus moisturiser) for ultimately the same outcome.


Yes because it's inexpensive and very basic and always good to add into a skincare routine. As I said, niacinamide plays well with other ingredients so there's never a reason to not use this, really. 

Simple Skin Water Boost Skin Quench Sleeping Cream

I bought this because I thought it was a similarly basic moisturiser. Whilst I was using it I kept getting spots which I explained away as maskne/hormones/diet related etc, because the ingredients list for this product is seemingly innocuous. Curiously, however, shortly after I finished this product up, the spots went away. So...



Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream*

I adored this moisturiser, I'm so sad it's gone. If you didn't know, Honest Beauty was founded by Jessica Alba. When the brand first launched, I'll confess that I was initially quite dismissive of it as yet another celebrity beauty brand. I'm so glad I received some PR samples because Honest Beauty is now firmly established as one of my favourite beauty brands, everything I've tried so far has blown me away. I think Jessica Alba has an excellent team behind her because the formulations are absolutely stellar. This moisturiser in particular is a beautiful cream moisturiser. It has that almost 'fluffy' texture that I look for in a cream moisturiser. This saw me all through the winter with soft hydrated skin, but it's light enough that I'd use it in Summer too. I highly recommend you try this.


I actually have 3 moisturisers already lined up to try but as soon as I'm in need of a new one, I'll be repurchasing this straight away. 

Ultrasun Face SPF 50

I feel like I've raved about this so much I don't need to do it again. I'll keep it short: minimal white cast, moisturising with a smoothing effect, I love the way it makes my skin look. 


I'm currently trying a new SPF that's a hot contender for top spot, but Ultrasun Face SPF 50 will always be one of my top sunscreens.

Thanks for reading!

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